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Hi Guys! I have recently decided to move to a new account. I wanted to use my actual name + also give myself a sort of clean slate. In any case, this account and everything on it will be left up. All further updates will be at :iconbriannespeakman:  I hope to see those of you still around over at the new account! 
:iconbriannespeakman: :iconbriannespeakman: :iconbriannespeakman: :iconbriannespeakman: :iconbriannespeakman:

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What is this fuckery, dA? I *demand* a Gaga icon.
FFFF Wow you guys, thank you SO much for the DD. That was quite unexpected. If I had known that Batman and Robin doing the Single Ladies dance would be so well received, I would have drawn it better haha.

But uh, my inbox has quite literally exploded over night, so it may take a while to sort through it. I'll try to reply to all the comments, but to everyone who faved and watched me, THANK YOU very very much! ♥